Foundation Stage

Peridot Project

  • We are the exclusive concession owner miner and producer of “Saudi Zuburjud” the semi-gemstone-Peridot from Skhebrah mountain Volcano in Harrat Kishb north east of Taif, Makkah region.
  • We, extract Peridot crystals cut form big ones and manufacture high quality different Peridot jewelries.
  • Our Peridot jewelries are available on the board of all plains of Saudi Airlines and exhibited in AL- Musbah stores net.
  • Physical properties of peridot :
  • Peridot Chemical composition: (Fe Mg) 2 Sio4
  • Class: nesosilicate
  • Birefringence: strong (.035 to .038)
  • Hardness: 6,5 to 7, hardness increases with the magnesium content.
  • Color: olive green,green,yellow,brown.

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