Research & Developing Stage

Project name: Manufactory of New Basalt Commodities.

The Objectives:

High and increasing demand in Environment Friendly Composite Products, based on very cheep and abundant raw material.

Project description:

Research and development of advanced basalt products, particularly the CONTINUOUS BASALT FIBRE (CBF) of different diametrers (from 7 to 30 micrometers) and High thermal resistance and tensile strength fibers that fit better to the needs of end users and and which can substitute successfully the traditional making of glass fibres in all organic and inorganic polymers (geopolymers)

Basalt resources in SA.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the richest Countries in basalt resources all over the world.The basalts are very widely distributed in western part of SA .They cover more than 180 of almost continuous basalt plateau from Almadina in the north up to Saudi porder, besides huge, 15000, basalt plateau in North eastern the Kingdom.

Basalts are of different structural (massive, piroclastics, scoria and tuffs) and compositional types (basic, medium, acidic, olivine, sub alkali and alkali). The suitable basalts for CBF making are available in many places of western SA in comparison with world wide used basalts: Chemical Composition of Basalt suitable for CBF

Basalt products advantages:

  • Basalt have no toxic reaction with air or water, are non-combustible and explosion proof. When in contact with other chemicals they produce no chemical reactions that may damage health or environment.
  • Basalt products can replace almost all applications of asbestos and has three times its heat insulating properties.
  • Comprised of single-ingredient raw material melt basalt fibers are superiors to other fibers in terms of thermal stability, heat and sound insulation properties, vibration resistance and durability.
  • Basalt continuous fibers offer prospect of a completely new range of composite materials and products.
  • Basalt fibers together with carbon or ceramic fibers as well as various metals is the most advanced and exiting area of application, as they can develop new hybrid composite materials and technologies.
  • Basalt special properties reduce the cost of products whilst improving their performance. More than hundreds specific unique manufacturing techniques can basalt fiber materials.
  • Basalt base composites can replace steel and known reinforced plastics (1 kg of basalt reinforce replaces 9,6 kg of steel).
  • More than hundreds specific unique manufacturing techniques using basalt fiber materials.

Main Applications:

  1. Thermal and sound insulation light composite materials
  2. Pipes for various purposes, the life of basalt pipes, designed for wide range of applications is at least 50 years without maintenance or electric or technical protection
  3. Bars, fittings. Fabrics nets, prepregs.
  4. Structural plastics and Insulating plastics.
  5. Frictional materials.

Project name: New sources for magnesia, magnesiam Production in KSA

The Objective:

Utilization of igneous magnesia rich rocks in magnesium industry, environmentally friendly, without Co2 emissions.

Range of uses:

The same uses of magnisite and dolomite for refractories and magnesium alloys production.


Project name: Developing refractory high alumina minerals

The Objective:

Utilization of alumina siliceous rocks super duty refractory materials.

Range of uses:

In nonferrous metallorgical specific glass and ceramics industries.


Project name: Utraalkali Volcanic rocks (UKVR)

The Objective:

Utilization some of huge sources of (UAVR) . As substitute of traditional, Na-K feldspar.

Range of uses:

Raw material in ceramic , colored glass and as face stone material.