Dolomite Ore

Dolomite Ore Project

  • Dolomite ore is a very common and wide spread sedimentary, bi-calcium, magnesium carbonate rock.
  • But high quality, rich magnesium, low silica, very low iron and trace toxic metals, dolomite, such as Managem’s deposit, located west of Arar are very rare and have malty industrial applications.

  • Dolomite project planned and designed to enclose three production lines or plants to produce the following products:

A Unit for mining crushing and classification of dolomite with total annual capacity 350,000 t/y.

  • About 50,000 t/y of such classified product will be marketed for glass and ceramic industries
  • The rest of such classified dolomite (300,000 t/y) will be delivered to the following plants:

A plant for grinding and classification to produce

  • A fine ground dolomite, bi-calcium magnesium carbonate, dolomite powder, Mg CA (CO3)2, with annual capacity of 100,000 t/y.
  • The ground products (0-75 microns) will be classified to various grain sizes types and backed.
  • The grounded types will be marketed as filler products for different industries (U Plastic, rubber and synthetic carpets) ?!

A plant for calcination:

  • With annual feed capacity of dolomite ore of about 200,000 t/y for direct burning and heating up to 900 C in shaft kiln to produce:
  • about 100,000 t/y calcined dolomite ( dolo-lime or half calcined dolomite ) , which will be backed , marketed to be used by Steel Making, potable &waste water treatment , desulfurization, feed stock for other magnesium chemicals and magnesium alloys.
  • The requested quantity of HFO for allocation, 9000 t/y or 0.168 MBA will be used exclusively, for heating and burning dolomite ore calcination.