Volcanic Scoria

Volcanic scoria (fly ash) pozollan Project

  • Saudi Mnagem recently licensed a 200.000m2 quarry of volcanic fly ash – pozollan.
  • The quarry is a part of Alsahilia Volcano, Located at 5 km crossings of developed 1st and 2nd orders paved rods : East of Jeddah –Almadinah Almunwarah high way and 200km north of Jeddah.
  • Very good quality of friable greenish black and red volcanic ash are available in the location.
  • The pozollanic volcanic ash has high quality chemical and physical properties (mostly amorph volcanic glass, light density – 0.72g/cm, high positive pozollanic activity, high porosity and subsequently high thermo-moisture insulation properties).
  • Our pozallanic volcanic fly ash will be successfully, implemented in light weight and insulation construction materials industry.
  • Production Light weight cement blocks, resistant concretes, precast and pre- fabricated panels.
  • This volcanic fly ash will find also wide application in agriculture.