Our Services

Studies and Technical Services:

Carrying out contracted of comprehensive, specialized studies of metallic and non-metallic deposits , industrial minerals and construction materials, which include:

  1. Monitoring, analysing, generalizing all available geological, mineral resources and mining data of a definite region.
  2. Summarizing of promising opportunities based on the technical data.
  3. studying specific local, regional and international markets, (depending on the nature and size of the work)
  4. Studying the region’s ability to attract mining and related manufacturing projects based on transported mineral resources.  Identifying the types of the mining industries that can be established in the region.
  5. Studying the available opportunities and recommending the viable projects for require further detailed study.
  6. Applying for the licenses of mining locations to study , develop and prepare them as valuable investment opportunity or implement the depending on situation of each project .
  7. Studying other companies’ licensed projects in the region and discussing the possibility of collaboration in the execution of these projects
  8. Preliminary technical/economic feasibility studies.

  9. Technical/economic (but not banking) comprehensive feasibility studies in cooperation with the above mentioned institutions and other parties.

  10. Technical-economic feasibility studies (economic, not Geology financial) integrated in cooperation with the institutes and the relevant authorities.
  11. We offer services and mining and the petrification of cuttings using the bombing.
  12. Mining Company, Saudi Arabia specialized ready-prepared to provide technical services in geological studies and development of sites of raw materials metallic and nonmetallic materials and construction and industry for the benefit of industrial companies and investment through the geological studies of initial and detailed integrated mining projects, industrial, its human self and physical infrastructure (experts and Mokhtsiha) and cooperation and integration with corporate bodies and national institutions with Saudi Arabia, and Arab and international bodies.